TraffLab: Labor Perspectives to Human Trafficking (ERC)

Beyond Criminalization: Expanding The Anti-Trafficking Policy Tool Kit

27 ביוני 2022, 17:00 

TraffLab: Labor Perspectives to Human Trafficking (ERC)

Monday, June 27th 2022

5:00-8:00pm (IDT) [3-6pm BST; 4-7pm SAST; 10am-1pm EDT]

Beyond Criminalization: Expanding The Anti-Trafficking Policy Tool Kit



Event description: The event will celebrate the launch of the Alternative Anti-Trafficking Action Plan: A Proposed Model Based on a Labor Approach to Trafficking. This extensive policy paper was written by a group of ten TraffLab researchers from different disciplines (law, sociology, anthropology and industrial relations), and edited by Hila Shamir and Maayan Niezna. It reflects the ‘labor approach’ to trafficking, and aims to offer an alternative vision of how to address human trafficking in Israel given the limitations of the dominant anti-trafficking approach (based mostly on criminal law enforcement and restrictions on migration, with some human rights protections and services to the few identified victims of trafficking) to address the structural causes of severe forms of labor exploitation. The Hebrew version was first published in  December 2020. The full report in English is available  here.

Event Participants:

Keynote Speaker: Siobhán Mullally, Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons, United Nations

Roundtable Discussion: Janie Chuang, American University Washington College of Law; Virginia Mantouvalou, University College London (UCL); Joel Quirk, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa; Maayan Niezna, University of Oxford Faculty of Law and TraffLab fellow.


For additional details:


חלק Part 1   Part 1 - Introduction of the Alternative Anti-Trafficking Action Plan
חלק Part 2  Part 2 - Keynote – Siobhán Mullally
חלק Part 3  Part 3a - Policy reform and the politics of anti-trafficking: What will it take to thread the needle?
חלק Part 4  Part 3b - New global migration governance: challenges and opportunities for anti-trafficking effort
חלק Part 5   Part 3c - Structures of exploitation and workers' rights
חלק Part 6  Part 3d -  Binding, debt, enforcement: The anti-trafficking policy triangle










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